My Mission:
Immediately help others and myself be accountable for progress toward and enjoy in the achievement of worthy goals. I obsessively create new, or adapt existing strategies, tactics and technologies to exponentially improve business productivity in executives and team environments.
Why I believe I am good at what I do:
I am fascinated by large group collaboration that scratches across org chart boundaries to get the right things done in the shortest possible time with highest quality. All the while rewarding the “doers” and weeding out non-performance.

I believe leadership accountability builds character and camaraderie within a team, tactical execution wins business “battles” and strategic thinking wins the “wars.”

Personal Life
I have three teenage boys. I strive to be an example for them and participate with them in:

  1. Reducing consumption
  2. Maintaining ego awareness
  3. Recognizing media messages fueling consumerism
  4. Travelling internationally
  5. Living frugally, simply and in peace (God willing)

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