Ode to An Old Cowboy

Ode to An Old Cowboy

by Walter Dale Miller.
Walt (my grandfather) wrote this poem the evening his father (Walter A. Miller) passed away in March 1983

It was last Saturday morning
that he started his last long ride.
He crossed through the peaceful valley
and on to a great new divide.

As he passed amidst the shadows
he was not alone as he rode.
For he was stirrup to stirrup
with a Friend with whom he had long abode.

The snow was gently falling as
they started up the other side.
The trail will soon vanish
but his memories no one will ever hide.

His earthly chores he had finished
and his work here was all done.
His Friend was softly speaking
“Your race was well run.”

As he rides the hillsides of glory
old acquaintances he will renew.
His work now is in that “Big Roundup”
on that range beyond the blue.

For those of us still waiting
our “Golden Spurs” to receive.
His last chant still echoes
across the valley “Only Believe.”

He has joined that “Big Outfit”
of old cowboys with hearts kind and true.
The “Head Foreman” said to him
“Come, I’ve got greater things for you to do.”

There is an empty spot in many hearts tonight
and somewhere a Pinto’s head hangs low.
His old spurs and chaps hang on the wall-
he has gone where real cowboys go.

Someday he will return for that “Great Gathering”
led by the “Champion of Love.”
And those of us who are watching and waiting
shall ride again forever with him above.


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