Stand Down on Gun Control


To all prepper/survivalist, combat veterans and gun owning friends:

Respectfully I ask you to STAND DOWN from contributing to the current gun control hysteria. I know you believe Obama rules by fiat (I do not). I know you believe this is another step in the building of the New World Order (I disagree). I understand the tenants of sovereign citizenship, III%, Oath Keepers and Patriots. But your adversaries also know your views and are counting on you to overreact. Here is how NOT to fall for it.

Understand the SITREP?

The situation report yesterday was just a set of recommendations . There was not one Executive Order in there; just a series of verbal recommendations, promised written memos. They are NOT, I say again, NOT an imminent threat to which your response must be to load magazines and fill sandbags. There was proposed legislation (emphasis on proposed). And as evidenced by the utter futility of the last Congress, “proposed legislation” is almost never enacted as law. So why then was an assault weapons ban proposed? I believe it was proposed to incite some people to unbalanced conclusions and outbursts that make gun owners look more extreme to the “average” American (those we affectionately call “sheeple”).

Control Battle Anger

In combat we learn controlling our emotions is critical to mission success and sets us apart from other people. Why do we forget that when it comes to expressing opinions? Listening to the wing-nut-media-types suggesting this is the end or even the beginning of the end may be good for their media ratings and twitter follows (and the advertising dollars flowing into their pockets), but only incite unchecked battle anger. By restraining our initial response and focusing on democratic means, we avoid creating conditions where incidents (real or false flags) seem inevitable (and thus more believable).

Know Rules of Engagement

I agree with some tenants of patriots, militias, preppers and survivalists; but disagree strongly with setting any hard line beyond which the Government may not cross without a person(s) initiating armed conflict. Wherever drawn, the line will always be 1) arbitrary 2) capricious 3) seen by Government as something that must be crossed. Unless you have the rule book out when that time comes you will be prone to errors in judgment; and gun control advocates are depending on that. If nothing else recognize it is extremely poor OPSEC to draw your opinions out into the open for all (including NSA, ATF, CIA and FBI) to see. Think it will not happen to you? Watch Better this World or If a Tree Falls. Then ask yourself if you want to win the battle or the war.

If you want to win the battle, then I contend that was your intent all along: to go the way of AIM at Pine Ridge, the Weavers at Ruby Ridge, Branch Davidians at Waco and Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City. History will judge you harshly and your family will pay a penalty along with you. If you want to win the war, deck your weapon, get on your computer and “Petition the Government in the most humblest terms” as stated in The Declaration of Independence. The III% did not take up arms until there was more than a decade of grievances that went un-addressed. And they had no democratic process with which to vote out the King of England. Talk about patience!


As John Paul Jones famously said: “I have not yet begun to fight.” And, I would guess, neither have you. The situation today is far from the true oppression experienced by our Nation’s forefathers. Some gun control advocates are counting on you to spit flame on social media , rant on blogs and threaten people on forums. So counter their strategy and confound them by treating peoples’ opinions with respect and by questioning their positions; not their patriotism. 

Understand the SITREP, control battle anger and know the rules of engagement. Channel your action into the same democratic system you believe in protecting so fiercely. “Fight” by contacting your elected officials and make your voice heard. It works!


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