The Rules – Theirs and Ours

We talk about the rules as if they are on set all follow regardless of class; this is an aberration.

Elite play by THEIR rules; see Davos, World Bank, IMF and dig through to find their rule books; they are there.

These institutions, determine, institutionalize and (most importantly!!!) ensure enforcement of a different set of rules for us to live by that focuses on control and the continued riskless concentration of wealth. This will continue… for a time.

Good Case study link below

The way we will be. A simple but effective lesson in zero-sum economics. In the end I learned from this we can only control our desire for consumptive based standard of living. Control this, and anyone can earns the calm acceptance of what is ahead.

From Our Own Correspondent: Nigeria

Owen Bennett Jones introduces a special essay from Mark Doyle on Nigeria’s recent turmoil.


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