End of a chapter – back to regular programming

On the 2 month anniversary of Occupy Wallstreet’s launch, I end my association and mentioning it; it is a practical and time commitment decision. I still believe in the need to address risk-less concentration of wealth in the top 1% of the world. But I need to move on. Thanks to those who stayed friends with me during this time in my life.

I thank Adbusters for opening my eyes to this. I thank the April 6 movement in Egypt for providing the template and Frontline for connecting us to them. I am thankful to Kickstarter for helping the money begin to flow into this movement.

In the end, I have to devote all energy to my career and moreover to my boys (I am glad they now see why Dad tested camping out in the back yard learned hand-powered water filtration systems last Spring. I think it makes sense to them now). So now… back to our regular programming of techno-trends and life in general. Peace is the Way.


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