Debt Ceiling Thoughts

Posted on Facebook and Huffington Post Article Feedback.

Republican Waterloo. Norquist “No Tax pledge” by Wealthiest Americans vs. Tea Party “Hell No” debt ceiling. Neither appreciate impact. Look at Minnesota . They lose millions MORE shutdown than had they compromise­d. MN will feel this for decades. Federal defaulting and higher interest rates will transfer trillions from the rest of us to elites in higher interest expense.

Boehner’s attempts to recast super-weal­thy as “job creators” is laughable. Statistica­lly significan­t job creators are scrappy business owners I see commuting every day with their company logo on their cars, and their ladders, work boots and nursing equipment strewn throughout their car. They work 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. to see their business grow to the point they can hire others.

The wealthiest Americans’ “job creation days” are long behind them. Their wealth searches the World for return on investment (ROI). Sales growth, cash flow and EBIDTA are their markers, not “how many people do we employ.” They are vital to our economy, but they should not be confused with the job creators. The Wealthiest Americans should pay much more in taxes through expiring Bush tax cuts, reinstatem­ent of so-called “death taxes” and increasing cap on SS contributi­on limits, IMO. Redistribu­te wealth now in a civilized fashion.


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